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In recent years, the number of newly promulgated state and local leave mandates has increased dramatically while federal leave laws such as FMLA, ADA and USERRA continue to shift and evolve.  And with so many states now poised to follow this growing trend, staying abreast of the ever-changing web of leave entitlements is proving quite the headache for multi-state employers.

Your leave mandate – reduce your risk of exposure and liability while streamlining and easing the administrative burden associated with leave management.

Navigator Leave and Rapid Reference Leave can help.

Navigator Leave

Easily generate the right federal and state-compliant forms to be used throughout your entire leave process.

Navigator Leave is an automated, online solution that guides you effortlessly through the question and answer fields of required federal and state-specific leave forms. Based on your answers, this easy to use, interactive tool generates the required form, while providing substantive guidance along the way.

Rapid Reference – Leave

Quickly locate the specific federal and state-specific leave laws you need.

Rapid Reference Leave ensures you’re covered when it comes to accessing the vast and complex web of state-specific leave laws. With Rapid Reference Leave, simply engage the work state to unlock the summary of employer rights and obligations.

Rapid Reference – Paid Sick Leave

Rapidly determine state, county, and city paid sick leave requirements

Rapid Reference Paid Sick Leave provides the information you need to ensure you’re meeting paid sick leave requirements. The application includes guidance on topics like coverage, permitted use, accrual, and carry over.

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