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Cost effective wage and hour guidance is finally here. Navigator Pay Practices solutions allow you to address the compliance challenges you face day to day. Our solutions are easy to use – simply answer a series of questions and instant result are delivered in a report that provides expert guidance on a federal and state by state basis. The comprehensive reports generated by our solution provide all the information you need to make well informed compliance decisions at unprecedented speed.

Navigator MW
Efficiently determine the minimum wage requirement for a non-exempt employee working anywhere in the U.S

Navigator M&R
Quickly assess meal and rest break obligations

Navigator Travel
Easily determine whether an employee needs to be compensated for time spent traveling

Navigator Holidays
Know the regulations for paid holidays and days of rest

Navigator On-Call
Quickly determine whether an employee needs to be paid for on-call time

Navigator Final Pay
Accurately assess what you owe and when to an employee who leaves the company

Navigator Voting
Be certain about whether you’re required to provide time off for voting

Navigator Posters
Ensure that your office is displaying all required posters

Navigator Rate Change
Know how you need to communicate changes to your employees’ pay

Navigator Frequency
Understand how often your employees need to be paid

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