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The Compliance Challenge

You make critical employment decisions every day. Who can we retain as independent contractors? Which employees need to be paid overtime? When do we have to grant family or medical leave? Making the wrong decision can be costly, but if the decision is not made quickly, you may lose the flexibility and agility you need to engage and retain the talent necessary to maintain your competitive edge.

Everyday Challenges

Your Everyday Challenges

“How can I be confident that my decisions are based on current federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and court decisions?”

“My team is too busy to review detailed compliance questions every time our company engages a new contractor or hires a new employee”

Expert Guidance, Instantly Delivered

You need to respond rapidly to regulatory changes, yet making the wrong decision can be costly, as government regulators and plaintiffs’ lawyers have never been more eager to pounce on any mistake, no matter how inadvertent, in how you hire, engage and pay those performing services for your company.

The challenge of ensuring compliance has never been greater – learn more about how you too can join the thousands of other companies who rely on the Navigator Suite to deliver employment regulatory guidance instantly.


Navigator Suite – The SMART Compliance Solution

ComplianceHR solutions are as quick & straightforward as they are cost effective – delivering  world class guidance at internet speed and scale to  companies of all sizes.

Through the power of artificial intelligence, our award winning platform has taken compliance where no other technology can – covering all federal and state jurisdictions, putting unparalleled knowledge and experience at your fingertips.