Webinar: Are We There Yet? Understanding the Return to Work Challenge Posed by COVID-19 (Second Session)

While some states and localities are easing their COVID-19-related restrictions, others are restoring “stay-at-home” orders and imposing strict new requirements for onsite work. For multi-state employers, keeping track of these constantly-changing requirements is a full-time challenge.

Join leaders of Littler’s Return to Work Task Force Devjani Mishra and Melissa Peters, hosted by ComplianceHR CEO Lori Brown, as they discuss how to:

    • Interpreting Specific Reopening (and Re-Closing) Developments
    • Developing Compliant and Sustainable Workplace Safety Plans
    • Changing Leave of Absence and Accommodation Requirements
    • Utilizing resources and technology including ComplianceHR SmartScreen™
    • Re-Engaging the Workforce for 2020 and Beyond