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Lays the Groundwork for Smooth Employee Onboarding

The employee onboarding process often involves producing multiple documents that must meet state and federal regulatory requirements.  For multi-state employers, differing state regulations add to the paperwork and increase exposure to potential compliance issues.

When to Begin the Employee Onboarding Process?

As legislation surrounding new hires continues to evolve, it is essential to make compliance a priority starting from day one.

Customize Onboarding to Your Organization's Needs

Protect your organization and perfect your onboarding practices with Navigator Onboarding with easy to create multi-state and federal compliant offer letters, employment applications, and non-disclosure agreements – all customized to meet your organization’s needs within a matter of minutes.

What Makes Navigator Onboarding Different?

Since Navigator Onboarding is fueled by the subject-matter expertise of Littler, and it is built on Neota’s AI-powered platform, you will receive up-to-date information where it matters the most.

  • Navigator Offer

     Instantly produce a conditional offer letter that is well-suited for at-will employees

  • Navigator Employ

    Quickly generate a state-compliant employment application

  • Navigator NDA

    Create a customized NDA to alert employees to the types of company information that is considered confidential

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Frequently Asked Onboarding Questions

What is employee onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the process in which an organization leads a new employee through the training and legal processes required to begin their new job. This can include everything from filling out NDA forms to meeting other employees in the office and training. 

Why is training and onboarding important?

Training and onboarding new employees is important because it helps shape company culture, communicates operational policies, and minimizes the risk of employment-related legal liability.

What is a NDA?

A NDA is a non-disclosure agreement. Typically, these agreements are used to alert employees about the types of company information that is considered confidential.

What is an at-will employee?

At-will employment describes a working environment in which employers are free to terminate employees at any time, without cause, explanation or prior warning, provided it does not violate state and federal anti-discrimination laws. Similarly, employees can quit a job at any time without reason or notice, according to Indeed

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