The State of Compliance

By Lori Brown

At the recent 29th Annual General Counsel Conference, sponsored by Corporate Counsel, Jonathan Shiffman, Associate General Counsel of litigation and employment for Ralph Lauren, predicted that the Republican majority in Congress makes it unlikely we’ll see new employee-friendly legislation passed at the federal level. Instead, according to Shiffman, employee advocates are having and will continue to have more success at the state and local levels. With nineteen (19) pieces of employment-related legislation and amendments sitting atop Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for action,  one need look no further than California for its ongoing and ambitious roster of state efforts to regulate private employers when it comes to protecting employees.

For compliance purposes, staying abreast of this increasing patchwork of state and local laws requires better, faster & more affordable resources. For example, are the legal requirements for independent contractor status identical for companies looking to leverage 1099 talent in both Georgia and Texas? Or, when hiring talent in Arizona, should my offer letter contain the same language as the letter I used last week for a candidate in Tennessee? When applicants are applying for a position in Oklahoma, are we permitted to ask about arrests that did not result in a conviction? If I have 10 employees in Connecticut, are we obligated to provide maternity leave?

At ComplianceHR, our goal is to help our users access critical and reliable information at internet speed and scale thus eliminating the sometimes lengthy search through   static content. ComplianceHR’s Navigator Suite offers an online, smart alternative to “googling” for answers or hitting the books.  Instead, our smart solutions deliver dynamic, digitized guidance – accounting for state over state differences, in addition to federal standards.

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