The ComplianceHR Document Center

The ComplianceHR Document Center

Efficiently Generate State & Federal Compliant Documents Throughout The Employee Lifecycle

ComplianceHR is committed to innovation.

To better suit your workflow, we have created the Document Center.  This solution provides you with a simple way to quickly create employee documents that are federally and state-compliant. These documents support several areas of the employee lifecycle, from hiring to employee management.

Some examples are employment applications, NDAs, several types of leave forms, and more.

Your organization needs a proactive strategy instead of a reactive approach to compliance. The Document Center provides a quick way to ensure your human resources and staffing teams are able to generate compliant documents to keep up with today’s rapid and complex hiring environment.

Fueled by the subject matter expertise of Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm, the Document Center is a critical tool for your HR and legal teams.

What is the benefit of the Compliance HR Document Center?

  • Instant custom federal and state-compliant forms and documents
  • Focused compliance support on employee onboarding and leave management
  • Helpful guidance related to the forms and documents being created

Employee Onboarding

The Document Center lays the groundwork for smooth employee onboarding. The employee onboarding process often involves producing multiple documents that must meet state and federal regulatory requirements.  For multi-state employers, differing state regulations add to the paperwork and increase exposure to potential compliance issues.

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    When to Begin the Employee Onboarding Process?

    As legislation surrounding new hires continues to evolve, it is essential to make compliance a priority starting from day one.

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    Customize Onboarding to Your Organization's Needs

    Protect your organization and perfect your onboarding practices with the Document Center by easily generating multi-state and federal compliant offer letters, employment applications, and non-disclosure agreements – all customized to meet your organization’s needs within a matter of minutes.


Employee Leave

With the Document Center, your organization can reduce the risk and administrative burden of leave management. 

The Department of Labor estimates as many as 70% of employers are not in full compliance within leave guidelines.  Amid a shifting landscape of newly promulgated state and local leave laws and evolving federal standards under the Family and Medical Leave Act, employers are struggling to fully comply with leave requirements.  Additionally, meeting Department of Labor filing deadlines often proves to be a challenge.

What Makes The Document Center Different?

Fueled by the subject matter expertise of Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm, and built on Neota’s AI-powered platform, the Document Center, helps to reduce your risk of exposure and liability while streamlining and easing the administrative burden associated with compliant employee forms and documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Reference Center is a way for you to research popular labor law topics across U.S.-based jurisdictions to get quick answers to your employment law questions. 

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