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Your company’s employee handbook is an invaluable tool that helps shape company culture, communicates operational policies, and minimizes the risk of employment-related legal liability. A well-written and legally compliant handbook is essential to keeping the HR process running smoothly. Most employers would agree that keeping up with federal, state, and local employment laws can seem overwhelming.

Changing the Way Companies Create and Maintain Compliant Handbooks

PolicySmart is an intuitive handbook compliance tool that provides employers with national and state specific templates, a unique compliance timeline, and so much more.

The Challenge: Running an Organization Across Multiple States

Organizations small or large may run into this issue, especially with the new work from home environment. Did you know that your organization should have policies in every jurisdiction in which your employees operate? That means that your remote employees may have different compliance requirements when working at home than they did when they previously reported to the office.

Organizations that span more than one state or jurisdiction likely need additional policies in place to be compliant. For organizations in all 50 states, each state and region may need its own policy adaptations or version of the employee handbook. How can one department manage such a task?

What Makes PolicySmart Different?

Fueled by the subject matter expertise of Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm and built on Neota’s AI-powered platform, PolicySmart allows users to easily create and maintain legally compliant handbooks that are cost effective, up-to-date, and delivered on-demand. With PolicySmart as your employee handbook solution, you can be certain you have high quality, accurate information.

This Easy-to-Use Employee Handbook Solution Solution Provides You With:

  • Federal and State Compliant Templates:
    A comprehensive library of federal and state-specific templates, as well as policy templates that are fully customizable, depending on your workforce and operational needs.   

  • Innovative Compliance Timeline:
    Provides an up-to-date timeline of important legal changes that will soon take effect in your selected jurisdictions, helping to ensure that policies are updated at the right time.

  • Handbook Policy Checklists:
    Gain access to jurisdiction-specific checklists that tell employers which policies are required by law to appear in their handbook and who is covered by each policy.

  • Automated Monthly Emails:  
    Receive a summary and analysis of relevant legal developments that impact your workplace, with guidance on how to revise policy language.

PolicySmart All in One Graphic Employee Handbook Software

Frequently Asked Employee Handbook Questions

Maintaining compliance is critical for an organization to: 

  • Reduce the risk of costly fines and fees by regulatory agencies
  • Increase employee and organizational growth and accountability
  • Reduce the risk of lawsuits by disgruntled employees
  • Increase employee satisfaction

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