Exempt or Non-Exempt: Eliminate the Guesswork.

Determining whether an employee has enough “white collar” responsibility to be exempt from overtime pay can be a difficult decision to make.  Getting it wrong has major consequences, including liability for back wages – and sometimes, double, triple or even quadruple back wages.  In fact, liability for a single misclassified employee earning $35,000 annually and averaging 5 hours of overtime each week could be as high as $38,000 – or $3.8 million for 100 similarly situated employees.

Navigator OT significantly reduces this risk and increases efficiency.  Whether a new job is created, job duties have changed, or your organization is implementing a merger requiring an audit, you can be confident that you’ll be in compliance in minutes.

Users benefit from:

  • An easy-to-use questionnaire for inputting individual fact patterns

  • Actionable risk assessment(s) driven by expert analysis of applicable federal and state regulations and over 2,200 court cases

  • Instant actionable guidance and a customized report on how to lower the risk of miscategorization

  • A summary of the relevant federal and state exemption standards

  • A complete questionnaire transcript


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