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Easily Answer Your Employment Law Questions with Quality HR Compliance Content

ComplianceHR is committed to innovation.

The ComplianceHR Reference Center was created to help HR and legal professionals do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. This solution provides you with:

  • A simple way to answer your compliance questions
  • Easy to locate content on several employment law topics
  • Deeper insights that bridge multiple compliance concerns

Your organization needs a proactive strategy instead of a reactive approach to compliance. With this purpose in mind, the Reference Center provides state and local information for a variety of topics, such as final pay, FMLA, minimum wage, predictive scheduling, and workplace posters, among many others.

Fueled by the subject matter expertise of Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm, the Reference Center is a critical tool for your HR and legal teams.

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    Local, State and Federal Information

    A comprehensive library of state and national information that bridges a variety of compliance topics to ensure you’re able to access important data.

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    Wide Range of Compliance Topics

    From COVID-19 to final pay, FMLA to rate changes, pay frequency to on call, organizations of any size and in any sector can benefit from this information.

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    Streamlined Workflow

    The Reference Center is designed to help people across your organization quickly find answers to their questions, whether they’re on a centralized legal team or an HR team distributed across the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ComplianceHR Reference Center is a way for you to research some of the most pressing labor and employment law topics across U.S.-based jurisdictions to get quick answers to your employment law questions. 

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