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While the changes that govern the FLSA “white collar” overtime exemptions are in flux, the need to make the “exempt or non-exempt” assessment under the existing rules remains intact.  Mindful of the exceedingly complex rules and high stakes of this decision, ComplianceHR has developed the first of its kind online and intelligence solution delivering expert level guidance at internet scale and speed.

Navigator OT combines the world class subject matter expertise of Littler, and specifically, former DOL Wage and Hour Administrator Tammy McCutchen with the revolutionary AI system of Neota Logic.

After completing an easy-to-use questionnaire, Navigator OT applies all applicable federal and state tests while unlocking the unprecedented and proprietary engine of over 2,000 reported court decisions and DOL opinion letters – distilled, dissected, weighted and tested by the nation’s leading wage-hour experts.



The Result!

A clear, actionable risk assessment pegging the strength of each applicable exemption, delivered with expertly reasoned suggestions on how to lower the risk of misclassification. Together with the risk result, Navigator OT provides a summary of the federal and state exemption standards and a transcript of answers to the online questionnaire.

OT COST ESTIMATOR – helps you calculate the cost of increasing an employee’s salary versus paying overtime for an expected number of work hours each week. The tool will also compare the cost of providing a salary increase versus the cost of paying overtime (using an hourly rate of current salary divided by 40 hours) as well as determine the “cost neutral” hourly rate if reclassifying in a way that minimizes additional costs.

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