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ComplianceHR’s Navigator Suite is the first ever and only, award winning suite of intelligent employment applications, delivering expert guidance at internet speed and scale.

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Independent Contractor

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Expertly navigate some of the most complex compliance topics companies face today: Independent contractor or employee? Exempt or non-exempt?  Or, want to create a state of the art, customized offer letter, employment agreement or non-compete almost instantly?

Quick Answers to Everyday Questions

Get answers on the spot to numerous everyday pay practice topics like minimum wage, meal and rest and final pay. And shortly we will be rolling out a series of leave solutions to ease your compliance burdens in this multifaceted area.

“As a company committed to ‘getting it right ‘ Navigator OT helped us quickly and efficiently arrive at informed decisions on overtime exemption eligibility. In addition to providing us the expert guidance we needed, the tool is highly educational and has already, with just a few uses, improved our overall approach to compliance”. It has also helped us recognize easy opportunities to get more productivity from our management structure.”

Bruce Wagoner, COO and Executive Vice President, Southern Hobby Supply

“Before using the compliance tool, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the rules surrounding exempt/non-exempt status – but I was wrong!”

Susan R., Franchise Owner in Wisconsin

“Because of how Navigator OT streamlined the fact gathering and delivered its results, our time spent with outside professionals was more streamlined, strategic and frankly, less expensive. The tool definitely saved us money.”

Chris Austin, CEO and President, Southern Hobby Supply