Neota Logic Announces the Launch of ComplianceHR a Joint Venture with Littler Mendelson

Neota Logic, global provider of an innovative expert system software platform, announced today the launch of ComplianceHR, a joint venture with Littler Mendelson. The ComplianceHR joint-venture solution offers a unique suite of intelligent, web-based compliance applications, combining the unparalleled experience and knowledge of Littler, the world’s largest global employment law firm, with the power of Neota Logic’s revolutionary software platform.

ComplianceHR assists companies to quickly and efficiently handle routine and repetitive employment compliance obligations by delivering a forward-looking suite of products and services that maximizes the use of technology in the delivery of compliance services. This solution is a forward-looking approach to employment compliance that enables employers to quickly get concise and comprehensive guidance on critical employment law questions, such as whether an individual can be engaged as an independent contractor or whether an employee is overtime exempt.

“ComplianceHR solutions address challenges employers face in ensuring compliance and minimizes the risk of costly government enforcement actions and litigation” said Elizabeth Braham, chief executive officer at Neota Logic. “ComplianceHR applications expedite the collection of facts and documents and instantly deliver critical information needed for compliance decisions in clear, well-organized reports. Our suite of applications can provide a company with straightforward and cost-effective answers to the most complicated compliance issues they will confront in an ever-changing and complex legal environment.”

ComplianceHR solutions deliver final reports to provide clear and actionable information every time the application is used. The reports inform the user on the levels of compliance risk under both federal and state laws, identifies the facts driving that risk with suggestions for reducing risks, and includes a question-answer audit trail and summary of applicable federal and state laws. Using the data already gathered by the applications, the solutions can automate generation of offer letters, independent contractor agreements, non-disclosure agreements and other critical documents.

“We are very pleased to have partnered with Neota Logic to create ComplianceHR,” said Scott Rechtschaffen, chief knowledge officer at Littler. “It is exciting to work with a company that has developed a state of the art software platform where we can transform Littler’s employment and labor law expertise into a comprehensive solution for today’s employment compliance challenges.”

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