ComplianceHR featured by Inside Counsel

ComplianceHR and our own Tammy McCutchen were featured in Inside Counsel’s article, “Is technology the solution for the increasing scrutiny on employment compliance?” by Amanda Ciccatelli.

InsideCounsel sat down Tammy McCutchen, shareholder in Littler’s D.C. office and former Administrator of the Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division, to discuss the concerns employers face when classifying employees and how ComplianceHR alleviates the issue.

“With increased enforcement by federal and state agencies, and a more active plaintiffs’ bar, even small, unintentional mistakes can lead to significant liability, and thus, employment law compliance is growing more important for inside counsel. A strong compliance program can ensure issues to not occur at all or are quickly detected – to avoid litigation and liability,” she explained.

ComplianceHR enhances the ability of in-house counsel and HR professionals to make employment decisions while ensuring compliance with a complex web of federal, state and local employment laws. It addresses challenges employers face in ensuring proper classification of workers and minimizes the risk of government enforcement actions and litigation related to claims of independent contractor misclassification.

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