Navigator Leave


Reduce the Risk and Administrative Burden of Leave Management

The Department of Labor estimates as many as 70% of employers are not in full compliance within leave guidelines.  Amid a shifting landscape of newly promulgated state and local leave laws and evolving federal standards under the Family and Medical Leave Act, employers are struggling to fully comply with leave requirements.  Additionally, meeting Department of Labor filing deadlines often proves to be a challenge.

What Makes Navigator Leave Different?

Fueled by the subject matter expertise of Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm and built on Neota’s AI-powered platform, Navigator Leave, helps to reduce your risk of exposure and liability while streamlining and easing the administrative burden associated with leave management.

This Solution Provides You With:

  • Instant custom federal and state-compliant forms

  • Immediate access to visual workflow guidance

  • Tailored deadline reminders

  • Guidance on next step action items

  • Access to our rapid reference tool for FMLA and paid sick leave, which provides a summary of employer rights and obligations surrounding state-specific leave laws

  • Insight and guidance on topics like coverage, permitted use, accrual, and carry over


Frequently Asked Leave Questions

What is FMLA?

According to the Department of Labor, FMLA is the Family Medical Leave Act, and it, "provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year. It also requires that their group health benefits be maintained during the leave."

What is paid sick leave?

Paid sick leave is paid time off that employees can use when they are under the weather. 

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