Quickly Provides State-by-State Reports about the Most Common Wage and Hour Issues

Across the United States, there are 92 different minimum wage rates in effect and a vast array of laws governing employee wages and hours. The number of class actions in this area continues to soar due to plaintiff-friendly laws, mounting government enforcement efforts and the increasing amount of information available to employees. How can decision makers be sure they are complying with all state requirements, from meal and rest obligations in California to compensating travel time in New York, without resorting to static, inaccurate templates or costly legal advice?

Navigator Pay Practices is the solution.  Created by experts and updated in real time, Navigator Pay Practices addresses the ten most common compliance challenges employers face when handling employee pay practices.

  • Navigator MW

    Efficiently determine minimum wage requirements for employees working in the U.S.

  • Navigator M&R

    Quickly assess meal and rest break obligations

  • Navigator Travel

    Easily determine whether an employee needs to be compensated for travel time

  • Navigator Holiday

    Know the regulations for paid holidays and days of rest

  • Navigator On-Call

    Quickly determine whether an employee needs to be paid for on-call time

  • Navigator Final Pay

    Accurately assess what you owe to an employee who leaves the company

  • Navigator Voting

    Determine whether you’re required to provide time off for voting

  • Navigator Posters

    Ensure that your office is displaying all required posters

  • Navigator Rate Change

    Properly communicate changes to your employees’ pay

  • Navigator Frequency

    Understand how often you need to pay your employees

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