ComplianceHR mentioned in The Fiscal Times for our Independent Contractor App

ComplianceHR and our own VP, Managing Director-Strategic Solutions, Tammy McCutchen were featured in The Fiscal Times article, “As Clinton Moves Further Left on Regulations, Jobs Go Away” by Diana Furchtgott-Roth.

But wait … there’s an app for that. The law firm Littler Mendelson, working with Neota Logic, a technology company, has developed the ComplianceHR Independent Contractor application. That enables employers to enter data on characteristics of their workers and find out whether someone is supposed to be classified as an employee or an independent contractor. The app applies logic based on tests under federal and state law and analysis of 1,500 independent-contractor cases. It produces an answer based on questions from an online questionnaire.

Tammy McCutchen, a principal at Littler Mendelson, told me: “The administration is locked in a 1930s-era industrial economy and simply refuses to acknowledge that the 21st-century economy works differently. The law needs to reflect the reality of how the modern economy works.”

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