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Archive for November 2016

Article: Overtime after the Election – Key Takeaways

ComplianceHR President, Lori Brown, and VP of Strategy, Tammy McCutchen, hosted a webinar today that took head-on the question of what businesses should take away from the election results as it effects the upcoming December 1st changes to Overtime. Tammy brings a unique perspective on topics of regulation, litigation, and legislation, first and foremost as…

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Webinar (Recording): The Final Countdown: 30 Days to Overtime Compliance

The Final Countdown: 30 Days to Overtime Compliance Webinar Video The DOL’s Changes to the FLSA Regulations in Effect December 1st With just 30 days until the DOL’s new overtime rules become effective, please join former Administrator, Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division and Vice-President, ComplianceHR, Tammy McCutchen, together with host, Lori Brown, President…

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