Top 10 Wage & Hour Mistakes

The beginning of a new year is a great time to assess your potential wage and hour risks, and what you can do to minimize them.  To help you get started, our VP of Strategy Tammy McCutchen identified the top 10 wage and hour mistakes in a recent webinar:

10. Failure to clearly communicate on compensation.

9. Timekeeping practices that fail to capture all hours worked.

8. Forgetting about minimum wage compliance

7. Failure to include “all remuneration” in the regular rate

6. Not paying employees for meeting and training time

5. Not paying employees for travel time

4. Failing to provide or pay for meal or rest breaks

3. Late or short final pay checks

2. Misclassifying employees as independent contractors

1. Misclassifying employees as exempt from overtime

Not sure when you have to pay for travel or training time?

Try out our Navigator Pay Practices applications.

ComplianceHR’s Navigator Suite Solutions is your single source to detect and minimize your compliance risks. Prevent misclassification by using our Overtime and Independent Contractor Navigators. Our Onboarding Navigators will generate compliant and understandable employment applications, offer letters and non-disclosure agreements.  The Pay Practices Navigators provide quick answers on the minimum wage, meal and rest breaks, travel time, final pay and more.

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