Conquer the Burden of Wage and Hour Compliance

Wage and hour compliance continues to place a heavy burden on employers as they struggle with the fragmented collection of employment laws. Keeping up with changes across jurisdictions is difficult and expanding state regulations combined with ongoing changes in federal regulations make compliance even more challenging.

ComplianceHR has developed a quick and easy to use suite of wage and hour solutions which provide instant guidance. Navigator Pay Practice applications allow users to address those every day compliance challenges. The applications are easy to use – simply answer a series of questions and instant results are delivered in a report that provides expert guidance on a federal and state by state basis. The comprehensive reports generated by the solutions provide all the information needed to make well informed compliance decisions at unprecedented speed.

If you haven’t checked out the Navigator Pay Practice applications yet, do so today.  Answers to the most nagging topics like minimum wage, final pay, meal & rest, travel time, on call, holidays, voting time, posters, pay frequency, andrate change can be at your finger-tips with these state-of-the-art wage and hour tools.

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