Paid Sick Leave

Compliance for paid sick leave is becoming more difficult as more states and municipalities are passing sick leave laws. Employers now need to understand the threshold number of employees that trigger compliance and individual laws generally specify where an employee works, not where they live.

Employers need to determine whether employees will accrue sick leave based on hours worked or if sick time will be frontloaded at the beginning of each year. And multi-jurisdictional employers will need to determine whether to apply one policy to all locations or to administer different policies depending on where employees work.

To add to the compliance challenge, employers need to determine when sick leave laws apply to full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees, when certain employees and industries are excluded, and they need to know when different rules based on headcount apply.

Employers also need to adopt procedures to understand when employees must receive proper and timely notice. As well, they must understand which jurisdictions require employers to provide employees with their individual sick leave accrual and usage information.

Stay tuned for future updates on Paid Sick Leave – it is a planned future addition to the Navigator Leave suite of compliance solutions.  If you would like to pre-register for an app demo when this solution becomes available, please contact Cara at

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