ComplianceHR Now Offers PolicySmart™ for Employee Policy Compliance and Management

(July 16, 2019) – ComplianceHR, a joint venture of Littler and Neota Logic, announces the addition of PolicySmart™ to its suite of intelligent, on demand, compliance applications. A technology-based platform, PolicySmart provides comprehensive employee handbooks, policies and guidance together with tools and features to facilitate efficient policy monitoring and tracking. ComplianceHR’s applications combine the knowledge of Littler, the world’s largest labor and employment firm, with the power of Neota Logic’s AI-based expert platform.

“For in-house counsel and human resources professionals, navigating the increasingly complex construct of federal, state and local laws presents a daunting and ever-present challenge,” said Lori Brown, Chief Executive Office of ComplianceHR. “Maintaining compliant handbook policy content has become increasingly difficult given the dizzying pace of regulatory change. In this environment, employee handbooks and policies are by no means a ‘set it and forget it’ exercise and employers need smarter, self-service tools to preserve bandwidth while reducing compliance risk.”

In 2018 alone, there were 55 legislative and regulatory changes at the state and local levels prompting mandatory changes to model policy language. PolicySmart empowers clients by delivering Littler-curated state-of-the-art federal and state model policy language accompanied by practical, easy-to-understand guidance.

Specifically, PolicySmart offers companies the following important benefits:

  • Jurisdictional preference and filterability across all of the site’s content;
  • Timelines of important legal changes – customizable to reflect an employer’s chosen jurisdictions and window of time;
  • On demand guidance identifying which legal developments require a new or revised policy; and
  • Automatic monthly emails identifying handbook-related legal changes and providing reminders of upcoming effective dates.

About ComplianceHR

ComplianceHR combines the unparalleled experience and knowledge of Littler, the world’s largest global employment law practice, with the power of Neota Logic’s innovative AI software platform. ComplianceHR’s suite of solutions provides quick, straightforward, cost-effective and comprehensive answers to the countless compliance issues employers confront in an ever-changing and complex regulatory environment.

About Littler

Littler is the largest global employment and labor law practice, with more than 1,500 attorneys in over 75 offices worldwide. Littler represents management in all aspects of employment and labor law and serves as a single-source solution provider to the global employer community. Consistently recognized in the industry as a leading and innovative law practice, Littler has been litigating, mediating and negotiating some of the most influential employment law cases and labor contracts on record for over 75 years. Littler Global is the collective trade name for an international legal practice, the practicing member entities of which are separate and distinct professional firms.