Littler and ComplianceHR Launch Employee Screening Solution as Workplaces Reopen

Littler, the world’s largest employment and labor law practice representing management, and ComplianceHR, a joint venture of Littler and Neota Logic, are pleased to announce the launch of ComplianceHR SmartScreen™.

ComplianceHR SmartScreen is an automated, web-based screening solution designed to help companies safely return employees to the workplace. Powered by the deep experience of Littler and Neota Logic’s artificial intelligence platform, the solution allows employers to easily screen employees for COVID-19-related symptoms and risk factors before they come into the office each day. The solution was created by the ComplianceHR team in collaboration with Littler’s Knowledge Management Department and COVID-19 Task Force.

“Employers face a number of uncertainties and challenges as they look to reopen workplaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with employee safety topping their list of concerns,” said Lori Brown, Chief Executive Officer of ComplianceHR. “By providing a paperless and instantly deployable way to conduct screenings, ComplianceHR SmartScreen offers an innovative alternative to verbal or paper screenings at a time when companies and their workers can ill-afford the associated risks.”

In Littler’s recent COVID-19 Return to Work Survey of more than 1,000 employers, 72 percent said they plan to conduct symptom screening of their employees before they enter the workplace. Simultaneously, many jurisdictions are recommending, if not requiring, companies to screen employees for COVID-19-related symptoms. ComplianceHR SmartScreen provides a safe, efficient and secure process to accomplish this:

  • After completing a short questionnaire, each selected employee is immediately advised of whether they can come to the office. The employer can even scan a QR Code via the application to check-in the employee for the day.
  • Designated administrators can access a dashboard to select employees for screening, track results and receive notification of employees with risk factors unsuitable for a safe return to work.
  • By tracking information without the need for paper or spreadsheets, employers can monitor symptoms while maintaining employee privacy.

“Keeping track of the recommendations and requirements for employee screening, which often vary by state, county and city, has been a complicated and time-consuming process for employers,” said Devjani Mishra, shareholder at Littler and a leader of the firm’s COVID-19 Task Force. “ComplianceHR SmartScreen takes this burden off the employer by providing location-specific screening questionnaires in a scalable and consistent manner that maintains employee privacy.”

ComplianceHR SmartScreen adds to ComplianceHR’s robust suite of on-demand solutions that address the many complex and recurring compliance issues that decision-makers face during the employee lifecycle. In addition to the applications offered through ComplianceHR, Littler offers a host of Service Solutions that provide clients with efficient legal counsel, help shape legal and compliance strategies, and spot trends that can inform critical business decisions.

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ComplianceHR combines the unparalleled experience and knowledge of Littler, the world’s largest global employment law practice, with the power of Neota Logic’s innovative AI software platform. ComplianceHR’s suite of solutions provides quick, straightforward, cost-effective and comprehensive answers to the countless compliance issues employers confront in an ever-changing and complex regulatory environment. For more information, visit

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