ComplianceHR: The HR Compliance Solution

Are you a nationwide company, a small organization that’s considering expanding to a new state, or maybe a B2B corporation, like a PEO provider seeking a compliance solution? It can be difficult to consider coast-to-coast policies and how to best apply them to your organization.

ComplianceHR and Littler often partner to present webinars that provide in-depth legal content regarding HR and labor law compliance. In this webinar, though, we are going to take a step back so Michael Worth, Stephanie Zielinski, and Samantha Greenman can walk you through the ComplianceHR Navigator Suite, why it was created, and use cases for our solutions.

The Navigator Suite was designed to simplify the complexity of employment law for organizations ranging from 50 employees to more than 50,000 and in any industry. This webinar will spotlight four specific use cases:

  • Business- to- business organizations providing their end clients with compliance support
  • Expanding small companies looking to move to a new, compliance-friendly state
  • Nationwide organizations and how to ensure compliance within all jurisdictions
  • Consumer-facing businesses wanting to monitor employee health symptoms to prevent potential contamination

The focus will be on understanding the importance of a compliant handbook, how to access quick reference state guides, identifying compliance-friendly minimum wage and pay jurisdictions, auditing your internal and external positions for overtime compliance and independent contractor compliance, and tracking employees’ wellness symptoms. Our compliance solution supports HR and legal counsel workflows to ensure end-to-end employment law compliance.

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