The Ins and Outs of IED in US and Non-US Jurisdictions

Is IED (diversity, equity and inclusion) considered in your employee handbook? IED has become a buzzword in corporate culture, but many organizations may not realize implementing IE&D may be required for legal compliance – or to simply stay competitive in the market. In this 60-minute webinar, Littler’s Alyesha Dotson and Lavanga Wijekoon will walk you through how your organization should be approaching IE&D, the ins and outs of the topic, and the law in various US and non-US jurisdictions that supports this critical cultural adjustment.

During this presentation, we will also discuss the benefits of PolicySmart. Ensure your employee handbook is compliant in all jurisdictions in which your organization operates. PolicySmart will help you implement and manage a legally compliant employee handbook that is easy to edit.

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