August Legal Updates

August Legal Updates

If you’re an existing ComplianceHR client, you can access these updates and robust links to learn more about each of these changes through the PolicySmart™ solution.

The below list contains August Legal Updates, which have been added to the PolicySmart solution in the last month. To view developments taking effect this month, click here.


  • Littler Insight Addresses Employer Considerations for Navigating Evolving Gun Laws
  • Monkeypox: What Does this Mean for Employers?
  • Arizona Amends Workers Comp. Law to Clarify Definition of Medical Treatment
  • Arizona Allows Unemployment Benefits for Employees Terminated Because of COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement
  • Glendale, CA Institutes Hotel Worker Protections, Including Panic Buttons, Workload Limits, Leave and Accommodations
  • West Hollywood, California Passes Comprehensive Ordinance Establishing a Local Minimum Wage and Requiring Paid and Unpaid Leave–Now Includes Sample Policy
  • Panic Buttons and Workload Limits: Los Angeles Hotel Workers Get New Protections
  • Inflation Disrupts California’s Minimum Wage Rate Schedule, Prompts Pay Increases for Non-Exempt and Exempt Employees in 2023, and Impacts Other California Laws
District of Columbia
  • New D.C. Law Requires Retail Establishments to Provide Restroom Access to Individuals with Certain Medical Conditions
  • DC Workers Will Soon Receive More Paid Leave, Employers to Obtain Tax Cut–Includes Updated Policy
  • Georgia Enacts Constitutional Carry Act and Amends Provisions on Guns in Parking Lots–Includes Updated Policy
  • Illinois Expands Human Rights Act to Cover Discrimination on the Basis of Traits Associated with Race, Including Hair Texture and Protective Hairstyles–Includes Updated Policy
  • Michigan Decision Leaves Employers Uncertain About Current State of Minimum Wage, Tips, and Paid Sick Leave Laws
  • Kentucky Expands Leave Available to Emergency Responders–Includes Updated Policy
  • Michigan Decision Leaves Employers Uncertain About Current State of Minimum Wage, Tips, and Paid Sick Leave Laws
  • Missouri Amends Coemployment Statute to Address PEOs
New Hampshire
  • New Hampshire Enacts Law on COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements
New Jersey
  • New Jersey Amends Law on Employment of Minors, Including the Meal Break Requirement–Includes Updated Policy
  • New Jersey Supreme Court Says Separate Corporate Structure Not Enough to Establish Independent Contractor Status
  • New Jersey Amended its Final Rules Under the Family Leave Act–Includes Updated Policy
New York
  • New York Extends Effective Period of Law on Wage Deductions
  • New York Enacts Law Restricting Concealed Carry of Firearms
  • New York State Launches New Hotline for Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaints–Includes Updated Harassment Policy
  • New York Extends COVID-19 Leave Effective Period–Includes Updated Policy
  • Ohio Amends Workers’ Comp Law to Address Work From Home
  • Pennsylvania Amends Veteran Hiring Preference Law
Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island Amends Health Insurance Law to Require Special Enrollment Period for Pregnant Individuals
  • Rhode Island Enacts New Law on Tipped Employees
  • Washington Amends Health and Safety Regulations on Enforcement


Developments Taking Effect This Month

To help keep you on track, below is a reminder of previously enacted laws taking effect in August 2022.

  • Panic Buttons and Workload Limits: Los Angeles Hotel Workers Get New Protections (effective 08/12/22)
  • Colorado Amends Wage Payment Law, Requires Notice of Payroll Deductions Upon Termination (effective 08/09/22)
  • Colorado Amends Workers’ Compensation Act (effective 08/09/22)
  • Colorado Amends Workers’ Compensation Notification and Poster Requirements (effective 08/09/22)
  • Colorado Introduces New Restrictions on Noncompetes–Includes New Notice Requirement (effective 08/09/22)
  • Colorado Prohibits Employers From Requiring Applicant Disclosure of Juvenile Court Records (effective 08/09/22)
  • Colorado Significantly Expands Health, Safety and Fraud Whistleblower Protections (effective 08/09/22)
  • Louisiana Clarifies Reported Tips are Subject to Garnishment (effective 08/01/22)
  • Amended Maine Law Will Require Vacation Payout When Employment Ends–Sample Policy Statement Included (effective 08/08/22)
  • Missouri Amends Co-employment Statute to Address PEOs (effective 08/28/22)
  • Pennsylvania Adopts Final Rule on Tipped Employees and Base Hourly Rate (effective 08/05/22)

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