Relieve Employee Handbook Stress

Relieve Employee Handbook Stress

Handbook. That word can be scary. For many, staying ahead of any needed policy changes in the new year is stressful. Whereas others may feel stuck, wondering where to start and what needs to be included.

No matter where you are in your handbook journey, PolicySmart™  can help! It’s designed to assist you in developing and maintaining compliant handbook policies. Whether you are very familiar with PolicySmart or stumbling upon this solution for the first time, it can help relieve employee handbook stress.

The 4 Handbook Support Components:

  1. Policy Templates

    PolicySmart provides you with a library of national and state-specific templates. These are customizable, or you can use them as a reference point. Current clients can access the templates by: selecting Visit Policy Documents in PolicySmart. Next, pick your jurisdiction. Finally, select Template or Template (State and National Combined) as your document type.

  2. Policy Checklists

    Select and customize the policies needed for your organizations handbook using a checklist. Handbook policy checklists show which policies are required by law to appear in your handbook, and who is covered by each policy. To access the checklists, click  Visit Policy Documents. Then, pick your jurisdiction and select Checklist as your document type.

  3. Policy Timeline and News

    PolicySmart provides an effective date timeline and a news section. The effective date timeline illustrates when new laws go into effect for each state. Similarly, the news section highlights recent legal changes. Both the timeline and the recent news provide you with a synopsis. This overview will explain the regulation and, when applicable, suggestions for how to update your handbook policy. To access the timeline and news, click on View Policy News.

  4. State Guides

    If you are looking for more information, PolicySmart provides access to Littler’s State Employer Library, a collection of guides that include federal and state-specific information on notice and posting requirements. To access the state guides, click on “Visit Policy Documents” under PolicySmart, pick your jurisdiction, and select “Guide” as your document type.

If you’d like a brief overview of what should be included in your handbook, check out “14 Employee Handbook ‘Must Haves.’”

If you are not an existing client, we welcome you to register for a no obligation consultation with a compliance expert. After you’ve met with our compliance consultant, you can receive a free, 14-day trial to use all of the Navigator Suite applications. Register for a demonstration.



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