Coming Soon: Reference Center Updates

Coming Soon: Reference Center Updates

Coming Soon: ComplianceHR Reference Center updates and enhancements! Following our product roadmap and client feedback, we are adding new features and additional HR compliance content to the Reference Center. This solution was built to help HR, Legal, and Compliance teams streamline their compliance management program while saving both time and money. Included in the Reference Center Updates:

Streamlined Navigation

  • From the main menu, you will soon be able to navigate across both topics and jurisdictions, providing you with faster access to more compliance information.
  • A new timeline view will display upcoming effective dates by topic.
  • The content now has an easy one-click expansion options for all fields in addition to the sub-topic expanders.

Additional HR Compliance Content

  • Comprehensive guides will be added and can be broken down by either jurisdiction or topic.
  • All content will be able to be sent or saved as a Smart Link.
  • Similarly, all topics within the Reference Center can now be compared by jurisdiction.

Enhanced Reporting Functionality

  • Reports will be available with a Comparison View, allowing content to be organized by subtopic, question, or jurisdiction.
  • The jurisdiction comparison tool will be available for all topics.

Current clients will receive an email notification letting them know once the Reference Center updates are available in their solution. Additionally, the Knowledge Center will be updated with revised training content, such as blogs and videos. If you have any additional questions, please email our Support Team.

If you’re not a current client of ComplianceHR, we welcome you to sign up for a demo of our solutions to see how our HR compliance content can save your organization time and money.

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