Webinar: When The DOL Comes Knocking — Handling Wage & Hour Investigations And Litigation

The Department of Labor (DOL) recovered a record $322 million in back wages in FY2019, following a $304 million record-breaking year in FY2018 – all while cutting over 100,000 enforcement hours. And this year, DOL plans to hire dozens of additional investigators. Is your company prepared for a DOL Fair Labor Standards Act investigation or, even worse, litigation?

Join ComplianceHR CEO Lori Brown as she hosts former Wage & Hour Administrator and ComplianceHR VP Tammy McCutchen and former DOL senior trial attorney Dane Steffenson as they discuss:

    • How Investigations Start and How to Prepare for Them
    • The Life of a DOL Investigation
    • The Keys to Successful Resolution
    • How Navigator OT can help