Webinar: Avoiding Wage and Hour Landmines in the Age of COVID-19

Are exempt employees still exempt after reductions in salary or changes in job duties? Were non-exempt employees paid for all work performed while working remotely or on furlough, such as checking emails? Did you pay the proper overtime rate on any hazard pay or similar incentives paid to non-exempt employees for working? Do you need to pay employees for newly required temperature or other health checks?

While workplaces across the country begin to gradually reopen and employees return to work, these are but a few of the questions employers must navigate to avoid costly wage and hour landmines caused by changes in how and where work has been performed during the COVID-19 quarantine.

To help your company better uncover and correct COVID-19 related wage-hour compliance issues, join ComplianceHR CEO Lori Brown as she hosts former Wage & Hour Administrator and ComplianceHR VP Tammy McCutchen and former DOL Senior Trial Attorney Dane Steffenson as they discuss:

  • COVID-19 Wage and Hour Landmines
  • Using Technology to Self-Audit
  • Correction Through the PAID Program
  • Surviving a DOL Investigation