2023 New Year Highlights

2023 New Year Highlights

As we progress into the new year, we are excited to share some pivotal updates with you. We have crafted this post to catch you up on some of the employment law updates that rolled in with the new year.

To help you stay compliant, our solutions are continually updated to keep up with employment law changes. The only downside: It’s impossible for us to highlight every single update to every single solution. So, we’ve picked the top highlights and would like to remind you that, if time has passed, it’s always best to go back to the solution or check our Legal Updates posts.

The New Year Highlights:

  • PolicySmart™

    Our handbook supplements have been updated in PolicySmart. As you know, it’s important to make sure your handbook policies are still compliant in the new year. PolicySmart offers a policy timeline and policy news to ensure you stay up-to-date with future changes. The solution also includes handbook templates, in-depth state guides, and more.

  • Navigator Overtime

    Some states have new wage rates to consider when determining the risk of classifying an employee as overtime exempt. For example, Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, and Washington have all been updated. Changes like these will make your overtime evaluations outdated. It is important you take the time to run new evaluations on any positions that may be at risk of misclassification.

  • Navigator Independent Contractor

    Delaware and Kentucky have updated summaries regarding classifying employees as independent contractors. If you’re considering classifying an employee as an independent contractor in these, or any other states, you should take a deeper look at the misclassification risk and how to mitigate it. Navigator IC offers easy-to-use questionnaires, instant guidance, and actionable ways to decrease your risk.

  • Minimum Wage Report

    As you know, the new year always ushers in new minimum wage rates. However, our Minimum Wage report in the Reference Center has information on all U.S. jurisdictions to ensure compliance. Additionally, if you use the Reference Center to access the Minimum Wage report, you can now use the new content smart links. Smart Links allow you to create links in the Reference Center that you can save or share.

  • Navigator Leave Forms

    Navigator Leave Forms have been updated to include California’s expansion of the definition of “family member” to include a designated person. Correspondingly, these changes affected the Request for Leave, Notice of Eligibility, and Designation Notice forms.

  • Navigator Leave Rapid Reference

    If you have questions about permissible reasons for leave and California’s updated family member definition, don’t use Google for an answer. Be sure to check out Navigator Leave Rapid Reference. Also, this solution has additional information about Colorado’s Paid Family and Medical Leave.

  • Paid Sick Leave Report

    We now offer a Paid Sick Leave Report through Navigator Leave. This report has updated information on payment of leave for Colorado’s Paid Family and Medical Leave.

  • Navigator Onboarding

    If you are in Colorado, you are now required to provide notification about the state’s paid family and medical leave program. Our Offer Letter in Navigator Onboarding has been updated with verbiage regarding this notification.

  • Rhode Island’s salary history ban took effect on the first of the year. The job application in Navigator Employ has been updated to reflect this change.

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