Essential New York Independent Contractor Issues

Essential New York Independent Contractor Issues

Engaging an independent contractor seems like a quick and economic solution for many businesses, but this area of employment law presents many challenges, especially in New York. With state-specific determinations and tests, sweeping new statewide legislation, local laws, and endless pitfalls, it is increasingly more difficult for employers to properly classify New York independent contractors.

During this 60-minute presentation, Paul PiccigalloRick Reyes and Matthew Capobianco will address:

  • Independent Contractor v. Employee Determinations and Tests
  • The New Statewide Freelance Isn’t Free Act
  • Common Independent Contractor Red Flags
  • Penalties and State Enforcement

Additionally, Stephanie Zielinski, Marketing Director at ComplianceHR, will introduce you to Navigator Independent Contractor. This solution assesses independent contractor roles for associated risks and provides you with an instant, actionable risk assessment, helping your organization’s compliance strategy become proactive instead of reactive.

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We provide employers of all industries, sizes, and locations with solutions that empower employers to handle complex compliance issues with less time, cost, and complexity than traditional methods. The Navigator Suite simplifies employment law compliance, allowing you to streamline your compliance workflow in only a few simple clicks.

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