Admin Tips for Defining Job Duties with Navigator OT

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Admin Tips for Defining Job Duties with Navigator OT is an infographic designed to walk Navigator OT users through analyzing job duties, time spent doing certain tasks and the risk this can cause to an overtime audit.

About ComplianceHR:

ComplianceHR is a SaaS company creating self-service tools that empower human resources professionals and employment law attorneys to address their critical HR compliance risks in the US.


Overview of Navigator Overtime:

Determining whether an employee has enough “white collar” responsibility to be exempt from overtime pay can be a difficult, time consuming decision to make - especially when the clock is ticking.

That said, getting it wrong has major consequences, including liability for back wages – and sometimes, double, triple or even quadruple back wages. In fact, liability for a single misclassified employee earning $35,000 annually and averaging 5 hours of overtime each week could be as high as $38,000 – or $3.8 million for 100 similarly situated employees.

Make the classification call with Navigator OT - the only self-service overtime solution, delivering actionable guidance in minutes not hours. Whether your company has 10 employees or 100,000, Navigator OT is the smart solution to your overtime compliance crunch.

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