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Tammy Talks – Minimum Wage Chaos

We seem to be in the middle of a perfect storm that could very well result in the first increase to the federal minimum wage since 2009. Employers, are you ready to bring some order to the chaos that is minimum wage and get a better understanding of how it may impact your business? Hear…

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Tammy Talks – Overtime Regulations Redux

The DOL has sent a draft proposed rule on the overtime exemptions over to the White House for approval, which means a new rule could come very soon.  ComplianceHR VP & Former DOL Wage & Hour Administrator,  Tammy McCutchen, discusses the status and possible timeline for these regulations.

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Trump’s DOL should stop protecting bad Obama-era policy

The Department of Labor (DOL) has finally sent the White House its draft regulation on the standard for the “white collar” overtime exemptions, and it’s about time. This issue has been rankling business and labor groups for several years, and the Trump administration has been surprisingly slow to clarify the appropriate salary level for exemption…

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