Where Have All the Workers Gone? HR Tackles the Chronic Labor Shortage

Where Have All the Workers Gone? HR Tackles the Chronic Labor Shortage

In this webinar, Littler Shareholder, Bruce Sarchet, will discuss the scope of the current, chronic labor shortage of workers in the U.S., and review some of the more popular options for attracting and retaining talent. Oftentimes, the more creative “bells and whistles” approaches to employee compensation and benefits come with a host of labor and employment law challenges. We will explore those challenges and discuss how human resources professionals, in-house legal counsel and business owners can implement solutions.

Additionally, Kimball Norup, CEO of ComplianceHR, will discuss the cultural and employee benefits of having a comprehensive and up-to-date compliance strategy. He will also introduce you to the Navigator Suite of solutions, which can help you simplify the complexity of employment law and make your compliance strategy proactive instead of reactive.

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About ComplianceHR

ComplianceHR offers the only on-demand, intelligent suite of compliance applications focused on helping companies address the ever-changing federal and state employment law requirements on minimum wage, overtime, independent contracting, and more.

We provide employers of all industries, sizes, and locations with solutions that empower employers to handle complex compliance issues with less time, cost, and complexity than traditional methods. The Navigator Suite simplifies employment law compliance, allowing you to streamline your compliance workflow in only a few simple clicks.

If you are not an existing client, we welcome you to register for a no obligation consultation with a compliance expert. After you’ve met with our compliance consultant, you can receive a free, 14-day trial to use all of the Navigator Suite applications. Register for a demonstration.