March Legal Updates

March Legal Updates

If you’re an existing ComplianceHR client, you can access these updates and robust links to learn more about each of these changes through the PolicySmart™ solution.

The below list contains March Legal Updates, which have been added to the PolicySmart solution in the last month. To view developments taking effect this month, click here.



  • Littler Publishes Guide: What COVID-19 Leave is Left?
  • Congress Further Relaxes Hiring Restrictions for Banking Personnel with Criminal Histories
  • DOL Issues Guidance on Tracking Hours Worked by Teleworkers Who Take Breaks
  • NLRB Decision Addresses Interaction between Confidentiality and Nondisparagement Provisions in Severance Agreements and Section 7 Rights
  • OFCCP Again Extends Deadline for Submitting Objections to EEO-1 Disclosure, But New Wrinkles Added
  • Supreme Court Holds Day Rate Pay Cannot Satisfy the Salary Basis Test
  • Littler Spotlights Trends in Pending Legislation


  • Arizona Amends Regulations Implementing the Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act, Revising Paid Sick Leave Recordkeeping Requirements


  • Arkansas Amends Child Labor Law
  • Arkansas Defines Antisemitism for Purposes of Antidiscrimination Law


  • Cal/OSHA’s Non-Emergency COVID-19 Regulation Is Approved and in Effect for Next Two Years
  • Ninth Circuit Eliminates Obstacles to Enforcement of Employment Arbitration Agreements in California
  • San Francisco Issues Paid Military Leave FAQs
  • Berkeley, California Adopts Fair Work Week Measures–New Policy Forthcoming

District of Colombia

  • D.C. Makes Paid Family Leave Act Regulations Permanent


  • New Minnesota Law Establishes Right to Reproductive Health
  • Bloomington, MN Amends Sick and Safe Time Ordinance Before it Takes Effect
  • Minnesota Enacts the CROWN Act, Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Natural Hair–Includes Updated Policy
  • St. Paul Minnesota Amends Sick and Safe Time Ordinance–Now Includes Updated Policy

New Jersey

  • New Jersey Enacts Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights — Includes Notice Requirement
  • New Jersey Amends Temporary Disability Benefit Regulations

New York

  • New York Delays and Limits Regulation of “Quotas” for Warehouse Workers
  • New York Amends Law on Pay Transparency
  • New Law in New York Prohibits Cooperation with Out-of-State Abortion Investigations


  • Philadelphia Issues Rules on COVID Paid Sick Leave, and Revises “During COVID” Rules for Regular and Healthcare Employee Paid Sick Leave–Policy Updates Forthcoming


  • Seattle Becomes the First U.S. Jurisdiction to Prohibit Caste Discrimination


  • Wisconsin Employers Can Insist Upon Unpaid Lunch Breaks, Seventh Circuit Rules


Developments Taking Effect This Month

To help keep you on track, below is a reminder of previously enacted laws taking effect in February 2023.

New York

  • New Law in New York Prohibits Cooperation with Out-of-State Abortion Investigations (effective 03/03/23)


  • Pennsylvania Expands Definition of “Personal Information” for Purposes of Data Security Breach Notification (effective 03/03/23)


  • Seattle Becomes the First U.S. Jurisdiction to Prohibit Caste Discrimination (effective 03/25/23)

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