Help with Hybrid and Remote Workers

Help with Hybrid and Remote Workers

With the increasing popularity of hybrid and remote workers and work environments, many people have asked if we have a remote work solution to help with employment law questions surrounding hybrid and remote work. Although we don’t offer a remote work solution per se, our solutions can help answer remote work questions. Here are a few common scenarios.

One of my remote employees moved to a new jurisdiction…

If your employee is non-exempt, you can use our Minimum Wage report to compare the minimum wage rates of the employee’s old jurisdiction to rates in their new jurisdiction. If your employee is exempt, you can use Navigator OT as a guide to determine if the employee is still considered exempt under the regulations of their new jurisdiction.

Our Posters solution can help you determine if any new posters need to be provided to an employee upon their entry into a new state. Other topics in the Reference Center provide you with information on other things to keep in mind, such as meal and rest periods, timekeeping, and travel pay. Be sure to check out the Paid Sick Leave report and the Leave (FMLA) Rapid Reference to see what leaves and leave requirements are available to the employee in their new jurisdiction.

One of my contractors relocated to a new jurisdiction…

Use Navigator IC to help determine the risk of continuing to classify the worker as an independent contractor, especially if you are exercising a certain level of control over the worker’s hours worked, communication expectations, and business setup.

I know I need to update my handbook, but now my employees are located in more jurisdictions…
PolicySmart can help in multiple ways, including providing handbook compliance checklists and state supplemental policies for you to review and implement in your handbook as needed. You can also use the news feature and sort by jurisdiction to see upcoming changes that will affect your handbook policies in the future. If you have additional employment law questions not covered by our other solutions, be sure to check out the State Guides, which can also be found on the Reference Center by selecting “Comprehensive Guidance.”

I want to hire a remote employee who will be working in a different jurisdiction…

Navigator Onboarding can help you create compliant employment applications, offer letters, and non-disclosure agreements for different jurisdictions. Also, don’t forget to check out Navigator OT to help make sure your new employee will be classified correctly.

We invite you to check out our recent webinar, “The New Normal: Continuing Considerations of Hybrid and Remote Work,” to learn more about hybrid and remote work considerations.

If you are not an existing client, we welcome you to register for a no obligation consultation with a compliance expert. After you’ve met with our compliance consultant, you can receive a free, 14-day trial to use all of the Navigator Suite applications. Register for a demonstration.



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