The Motor Carrier Act Exemption

Motor Carrier Act Exemption:  The Basics (and a Bit More)

Managing employee exemptions is a complex and stressful duty. One such exemption, which impacts many organizations and is often overlooked, is the Motor Carrier Act Exemption. Navigating this Act requires an in-depth knowledge of local, state and federal laws and a strong understanding of the roles within an organization and the job duties associated with them. During this 60-minute webinar, Nicole LeFave and Christian Angotti will answer:

  • What is the Motor Carrier Act Exemption?
  • Which employees are covered by this exemption?
  • Are there exceptions to this exemption?
  • How should employers navigate unclear situations, like a mixed fleet?

Additionally, Stephanie Zielinski, Marketing Director of ComplianceHR, will walk you through Navigator Overtime. This solution provides actionable risk assessments and instant guidance to mitigate employee exemption misclassification risks.

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