Overtime Resources at a Glance

Overtime Resources at a Glance

Overtime resources will always be helpful because it is and always will be a popular topic. Not to mention, the risks are endless.

Not only do you have accurately classify an employee’s exemption status, but there are so many other details to consider. Some examples of these policies are: timecard policies, meal and rest  regulations, and employee bonuses and gifts… Just to name a few.

During our recent webinar, Overtime – What Employers Need to Know Today, we received many great questions. So, our team worked with Littler to pull together What Employers Need to Know About Overtime: Top 12 Q&A’s. We also wanted to provide a quick visual on some of the resources we provide to help you efficiently navigate the topic of overtime.


When you have a question about: Review this Overtime Resource:
The risk of classifying an employee as exempt or non-exempt Navigator Overtime
Timecard and other handbook policies PolicySmart™
Meal and rest break regulations Reference Center
Hourly rates of pay and tip credit requirements Reference Center
Additional information and comprehensive guidance Reference Center


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ComplianceHR offers the only on-demand, intelligent suite of compliance applications focused on helping companies address the ever-changing federal and state employment law requirements on minimum wage, overtime, independent contracting, and more.

We provide employers of all industries, sizes, and locations with solutions that empower employers to handle complex compliance issues with less time, cost, and complexity than traditional methods. The Navigator Suite simplifies employment law compliance, allowing you to streamline your compliance workflow in only a few simple clicks.