November 2023 Legal Updates

November 2023 Legal Updates

If you’re an existing ComplianceHR client, you can access these updates and robust links to learn more about each of these changes through the PolicySmart™ solution.

The below list contains November 2023 Legal Updates, which have been added to the PolicySmart solution in the last month. To view developments taking effect this month, click here.



  • SEC Continues to Attack Non-Disclosure Agreements and Personnel Policy Provisions that Could Impede Employees from Reporting Potential Violations of U.S. Securities Law
  • NLRB Final Joint-Employer Rule Dramatically Expands Definition of Joint Employment Under the NLRA


  • New Arkansas Law Prohibits State and Local Government from Mandating COVID-19 Vaccine


  • California Enacts Nation’s First General Industry Workplace Violence Prevention Safety Requirements for Employers
  • California Amends Law Regulating Licensure to Carry Concealed Firearms
  • California Amends Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act
  • California Establishes New Leave for Reproductive Loss–Includes New Policy
  • Governor Signs Amendments to Expand, and Better Align, Paid Sick Leave Requirements Throughout California–Policy Update Forthcoming
  • California Extends Recall Rights for COVID-19 Layoffs
  • California to Require Venture Capital Firms to Report Demographic Information


  • Delaware Passes Personal Data Privacy Act


  • Critical Updates to the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Law–Now Includes Updated Policy


  • St. Paul Amends Sick and Safe Time Ordinance to Align with Statewide Paid Sick and Safe Leave Law–Updated Policy Forthcoming

New York

  • New York Increases Salary Threshold for Eligibility for White Collar Worker Exemption
  • New York Enacts New Law Prohibiting Employers from Requesting or Requiring Access to Certain Employee Online Accounts
  • New York Law Requires Written Notice of Unemployment Benefits
  • New York City Amends Safe and Sick Time Regulations–Updated Policy Now Available
  • New York Enacts New Law on Invention Assignment Agreements

Developments Taking Effect This Month

To help keep you on track, below is a reminder of previously enacted laws taking effect in November 2023.


  • Critical Updates to the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Law–Now Includes Updated Policy (effective 11/01/23)

New York

  • New York Law Requires Written Notice of Unemployment Benefits (effective 11/13/23)
  • New York City Amends Human Rights Ordinance to Add Protections Based on Height and Weight–Includes Updated Policy (effective 11/23/23)

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