What to Expect in 2024: A Highlight Reel

What to Expect in 2024: A Highlight Reel

As 2023 comes to a close, the 2024 compliance strategy planning season begins. With 2024 already presenting a potential onslaught of employment law updates, it’s critical employers consider what changes to expect in the new year.

During this 60-minute webinar, Meghann BarloewenMichelle DevlinMaureen LaveryAmy Mendenhall, and Hannah Stilley, experts from the knowledge management and legal research teams at Littler, will discuss a variety of employment law areas and potential updates coming in 2024. Some topics to be covered include:

  • New legislation and anticipated legal trends including AI, pay transparency, non-competes, and captive audience
  • Handbook updates to get you ready for the new year
  • Major NLRB decisions and precedents impacting both union and non-union workforces in 2024
  • The changing landscape of “Me Too” confidentiality provisions
  • After Dobbs: How updates to reproductive rights laws will continue to impact employers in 2024

Additionally, Michael Worth, Vice President of Sales at ComplianceHR, will introduce you to two of ComplianceHR solutions, PolicySmart™ and the Reference Center. These compliance essentials help to simplify the complexity of employment law and make your organization’s compliance strategy proactive instead of reactive.

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