December 2023 Legal Updates

December 2023 Legal Updates

If you’re an existing ComplianceHR client, you can access these updates and robust links to learn more about each of these changes through the PolicySmart™ solution.

The below list contains December 2023 Legal Updates, which have been added to the PolicySmart solution in the last month. To view developments taking effect this month, click here.


  • Colorado Issues Final FAMLI Rule on Benefits and Reimbursement of Advance Payments
  • Colorado Amends FAMLI Rules on Investigations, Determinations and Appeals
  • Colorado Passes Paid Leave Law by Ballot Initiative–Now Includes Sample Policy
  • Colorado Issues Final Rule on FAMLI Private Plan Requirements
  • Colorado Amends FAMLI Rules on Job Protections, Anti-Retaliation and Anti-Interference
  • Colorado Issues New FAMLI Rule on Appeal Procedures
  • Colorado Issues Final Rule on FAMLI Benefit Overpayment or Underpayment
  • Colorado Amends FAMLI Rules on Employer Requirements


  • Illinois Amends Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act–Includes Updated Policy
  • Illinois Omnibus Bill Makes Several Employment-Related Changes, Including Expanded Notice Requirements for Remote Workers–Now Includes Updated Personnel Files Policy


  • Wichita, Kansas Amends Antidiscrimination Ordinance to Include CROWN Provisions


  • Minnesota Passes Statewide Sick and Safe Leave Law–Now Includes Sample Policy

New York

  • New York City Amends Safe and Sick Time Regulations–Updated Policy Now Available
  • New York City Will Require Distribution of Informational Materials on Temporary Schedule Change Act


  • Oregon Amends Military Leave Law–Includes Updated Policy


  • Texas Passes Prohibition Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Developments Taking Effect This Month

To help keep you on track, below is a reminder of previously enacted laws taking effect in December 2023.


  • Federal Government Enacts Respect for Marriage Act, Repeals Defense of Marriage Act (effective 12/13/23)

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