Labor Law for Employers: What Every Business Needs to Know

Labor Law for Employers: What Every Business Needs to Know

The Biden NLRB has issued several important decisions that impact both unionized and nonunionized employers. Moreover, unions and unrepresented employees have participated in a wide range of concerted activities, including walkouts, strikes, or other demonstrations in 2023.

In addition, the NLRB General Counsel and the DOL, EEOC, SEC, and other governmental agencies have signed formal agreements to cooperate and share information. This means that every claim or charge with one agency could lead to additional claims and charges with the NLRB. Because of this, it is important, now more than ever, to be aware of potential claims under the NLRA in addition to other critical labor law updates.

Covered in Labor Law Updates Webinar:

During this 60-minute webinar, Littler‘s experienced labor attorneys John Harper and Kyllan Kershaw will delve into recent labor law updates and developments that every employment lawyer (or HR professional, etc.) needs to know, including:

  • New union organizing rules, including the standard for responding to union demands for recognition
  • Expansion of protected concerted activity
  • Stricter scrutiny of employee handbooks
  • Scope of confidentiality and nondisparagement agreements
  • The attack on noncompetes

Additionally, Stephanie Zielinski, Marketing Director of ComplianceHR, will walk you through PolicySmart™ and the Reference Center. These solutions can help you simplify the complexity of employment law and make your compliance strategy become proactive instead of reactive.

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