Important Information to Conduct a Lawful Employee Investigation

Important Information to Conduct a Lawful Employee Investigation

Does conducting a lawful employee investigation make you nervous or, perhaps, feel unprepared? In January, ComplianceHR and Littler co-hosted a presentation on the topic: Conducting Lawful Employee Investigations During this 60-minute webinar, Rocio Blanco Garcia, walks you through the basics of conducting a workplace investigation, including:

  • The importance of effective investigations
  • The role of the investigator
  • Recognizing triggers and when to escalate the process
  • Planning the investigation
  • The interviews
  • Factual findings, final documentation, and follow up

This webinar on lawful employee investigation introduces you to two key compliance solutions: The ComplianceHR Reference Center and PolicySmart™. The Reference Center is a solution that provides access to information covering a variety of employment law topics to help you answer your compliance questions.  PolicySmart provides updated employee handbook policy templates, checklists, recurring legal update alerts, and employment law news.

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We provide employers of all industries, sizes, and locations with solutions that empower employers to handle complex compliance issues. Our solutions take less time, cost, and complexity than traditional methods. The Navigator Suite simplifies employment law compliance, allowing you to streamline your compliance workflow in only a few simple clicks.

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