May 2024 Legal Updates

May 2024 Legal Updates

If you’re an existing ComplianceHR client, not only can you access these updates through the PolicySmart™ solution, but also robust links to learn more about each of these changes.

However, if you are not a subscriber to our solutions, we are pleased to provide you with abbreviated May 2024 Legal Updates. Lastly, to view developments taking effect this month, click here.


  • Department of Labor Publishes Final Rule to Update the Salary Level for Overtime Eligibility 
  • EEOC Releases Expansive Final Regulations to Implement the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act–Includes Updates to Sample Policy 
  • OSHA Updates its Worker Walkaround Representative Regulation 
  • FTC Issues Final Rule Effectively Banning Workplace Non-Compete Agreements–Includes Notice Requirement 
  • EEOC Updates Workplace Harassment Guidance 
  • NLRB Final Joint-Employer Rule Dramatically Expands Definition of Joint Employment Under the NLRA 


  • Arizona Amends Professional Employer Organization Requirements
  • Phoenix, Arizona Passes Ordinance Requiring Heat Safety Plans for City Contractors 


  • California Extends Recall Rights for COVID-19 Layoffs 
  • California Establishes New Leave for Reproductive Loss–Includes New Policy 
  • California to Require Venture Capital Firms to Report Demographic Information 


  • Colorado Amends FAMLI Rules on Job Protections, Anti-Retaliation and Anti-Interference 
  • Colorado Amends FAMLI Rules on Investigations, Determinations and Appeals 
  • Colorado Issues Final Rule on FAMLI Private Plan Requirements 
  • Colorado Amends FAMLI Rules on Employer Requirements 
  • Colorado Issues Final Rule on FAMLI Benefit Overpayment or Underpayment 


  • Florida Amends Child Labor Laws 
  • Florida Passes Law Preempting Local Heat Safety and Employee Scheduling Regulations 


  • Georgia Enacts Rule on Unemployment Insurance Payments and Notification Requirements 


  • Idaho Establishes Requirements for Payment of Wages to Prisoners 
  • Idaho Amends Employer Immunity Provisions of Law on Firearms in the Workplace 


  • Illinois Omnibus Bill Makes Several Employment-Related Changes, Including Expanded Notice Requirements for Remote Workers–Now Includes Updated Personnel Files Policy 
  • Illinois Amends Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act–Includes Updated Policy 


  • Indiana Amends Amends Child Labor Laws 
  • Indiana Amends Child Labor Laws, Modifying and Loosening Some Restrictions 


  • Wichita, Kansas Amends Antidiscrimination Ordinance to Include CROWN Provisions 


  • Kentucky Passes Consumer Data Protection Act 
  • Kentucky Passes Paid Family Leave Insurance Act, Authorizing and Providing Requirements for Paid Family Leave Insurance Policies 


  • Maryland Delays Implementation of Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program 
  • Maryland Amends Wage Statement Law, Requiring Notice in Writing 
  • Montgomery County, Maryland Prohibits Employers from Requesting or Considering a Job Applicant’s Sexual or Reproductive Health Information 


  • Critical Updates to the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Law–Now Includes Updated Policy 


  • St. Paul Amends Sick and Safe Time Ordinance to Align with Statewide Paid Sick and Safe Leave Law–Updated Policy Forthcoming 


  • Montana Updates Wage and Hour Rules 


  • Nebraska Enhances Penalties for Child Labor Law Violations 

New York

  • Amidst Union Complaints, New York Adds Guidance for Hospital Staffing Committees 
  • New York Becomes the First State to Mandate Paid Prenatal Leave and Sets COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Sunset Date 
  • New York City Amends Safe and Sick Time Regulations–Updated Policy Now Available 


  • Oregon Creates New Protections Related to Warehouse Worker Quotas, Including Written Notice Requirement 
  • Oregon Amends Military Leave Law–Includes Updated Policy 

South Carolina

  • South Carolina Amends Firearms Laws to Allow Constitutional Carry 


  • Tennessee Amends Wage and Hour Laws, Adding a Definition of “Work” 


  • Utah Passes Artificial Intelligence Policy Act 
  • Utah Amends Child Labor Laws 
  • Utah Passes Law on Religious Liberty Protections and Accommodations 


  • Virginia Increases Penalties for Child Labor Law Violations
  • Virginia Adds “Ethnic Origin” as a Protected Category–Includes Updated Policy 
  • Virginia Amends Workers’ Compensation Act to Require Notice of Right to Dispute Rejected Benefit Claims 


  • Washington Expands Equal Pay Law to Cover All Protected Classes 
  • Washington Establishes Retirement Savings Program 
  • Washington Amends Paid Sick Leave Law, Expanding Authorized Reasons for Leave–Policy Updates Forthcoming 
  • Washington Clarifies Prohibition Against Certain Noncompetition Covenants 
  • Washington Enacts Free Choice Act, Protecting Employees’ Rights to Refrain from Attending Certain Meetings–Includes New Posting Requirement 

West Virginia

  • West Virginia Amends Business Liability Protection Act, Adding Anti-Retaliation Provisions 


  • Wisconsin Amends Tax Law, Increasing Withholding Threshold for Nonresidents 
  • New Wisconsin Law Regulates Earned Wage Access Services 

Developments Taking Effect This Month

Without doubt, employment law policies are ever changing, with some going into effect this month. Below is a reminder of May 2024 legal updates with effective dates.

New York

  • New York Enacts Sweeping Changes to Independent Contractor Arrangements (effective May 20, 2024) 


  • Utah Passes Artificial Intelligence Policy Act (effective May 01, 2024)
  • Utah Amends Child Labor Laws (effective May 01, 2024) 
  • Utah Passes Law on Religious Liberty Protections and Accommodations (effective May 01, 2024) 

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